Current Projects
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Planning Projects
Projects being done by private developers and builders, and include residential, commercial, mixed-use, and other types of construction.
 ·Classics at Redwood City
 ·Laurel Way Joint Venture
 ·The Palacio
 ·Finger Ave
 ·Pete's/Blu Harbor
 ·103 Wilson St
 ·204 Franklin St
 ·2580 El Camino Real
 ·849 Veterans Blvd
 ·1305 El Camino Real
 ·299 Franklin St
 ·La Palma
 ·One Marina (Residential)
 ·150 El Camino Real
 ·Stanford in Redwood City
 ·Harbor View Place
 ·Crossing 900
 ·One Marina Hotel
 ·851 Main St
 ·601 Marshall St
 ·2075 Broadway
 ·550 Allerton St
 ·30 California St
 ·2808 El Camino Real
 ·815 Hamilton St
 ·Broadway Plaza
 ·525 Middlefield Rd
 ·601 Main St
 ·603 Jefferson Ave
 ·1409 El Camino Real
 ·Oracle Design Tech High School
 ·Rocketship Charter School
Infrastructure Projects
Projects that Redwood City or its contractors are performing in support of our City’s infrastructure, including sewer, water, streets, parks, storm drains, and more.
 ·Whipple Ave Overlay Project
 ·Farm Hill Blvd & Jefferson Ave Signing & Striping
 ·2014-2015 Water Main Replacement Project
 ·2015-2016 Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project
 ·Broadway Improvements: Middlefield to Jefferson
 ·Hudson St Predestrian and Bike Improvement Project
 ·San Mateo County - Smart Corridors Project
 ·US-101/Woodside Rd Interchange Improvements
    Recycled Water
 ·Recycled Water Distribution System Phase 2A